La Maison du Biscuit (14 km) -
Artisanal manufacture and sale of traditional and quality biscuits based in Sortosville-en-Beaumont. Inside the shop, the old-fashioned decor takes you back to another time!

De la Cave au Cellier -
Cellar located 4 place de l'Eglise in Barneville (50270)
Tel: 02 33 21 41 55

La Ferme des mares restaurant -
La Ferme des Mares restaurant in Saint-Germain-sur-Ay near Lessay
Tel: 02 33 17 01 02

Local shops in Portbail-sur-mer

  • Food
  • Bakery/Pastry shop
  • Butchery
  • Grocery store
  • Supermarket
  • Restaurant
  • Other
  • Postal agency
  • Garage, cab
  • Gas station,
  • Cash dispenser
  • Tobacco / Press

What should you do?

In addition to the hikes, many activities in the immediate vicinity or at about forty kilometers, are proposed to you:

Stroll to the beach

The most famous beaches:
  • Lindbergh Beach (6 km)
  • Hatainville and its dunes (14 km)
  • Le Rozel (25 km)
  • Sciotot with its games for children (28 km)


Activities in the aera

Activities around the region

  • The City of La Mer (40 km):
    Visit La Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg in Normandy! Dive into the deep with aquariums and other deep-sea discovery activities
  • Les Pieux swimming pool (25 km):
  • Océalis aquatic center in Beaumont-Hague (47 km):
  • Sea trip to Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (40 km):
    In groups, with the family or individually, sea trips to Cherbourg to visit the largest artificial harbor in the world
  • Crossing to visit the Channel Islands from Carteret (11 km):
  • Montaigu la Brisette animal park (38 km):
    In the heart of Normandy, in a wooded area of 15 hectares bordered by ponds, the Montaigu la Brisette Zoo, also called Parc Animalier Saint Martin, is home to animals from all over the world and offers entertainment and pony rides.
  • Ludiver (43 km):
    The Ludiver Planetarium is a tourist and educational site that allows the family to discover astronomy, space conquest, science and the environment of our planet Earth in a fun way... In summer, take advantage of a friendly moment around a family workshop or an evening of observation of the starry sky

What places to visit?

In La Hague and its surroundings

Take a day to visit the treasures of La Hague.
Located at about 50 kilometers from Portbail-sur-Mer, you will discover La Hague, nicknamed "Little Ireland". In the northwest of the Cotentin, the cliffs and rocks of the Hague peninsula draw rough coastal landscapes.

You will be able to visit the Nez de Jobourg, Port Racine, the Bay of Ecalgrain, the Port of Goury, the Jacques Prévert house, the Vauville botanical garden and the nature reserve of the Vauville/biville pond, etc...

The Val de saire

To the northeast, you can visit the Val de Saire and enjoy Barfleur and its surroundings. Nestled only 40 kilometers away, you can discover unusual places of national and international renown: the island of Tatihou, the Vauban towers, the lighthouse of Gatteville, the village of Saint-Vaast-La Hougue was elected "Favorite Village of the French in 2019".

Historical sites

The Cotentin region has many places steeped in history.
World War II sites are located less than 50 kilometers away: the D-Day landing beaches such as Utah Beach, Saint-Mère Eglise, the Azeville battery,
The city of Cherbourg en Cotentin is a very pleasant medium-sized city to live in. It is famous for its port, the first port in Europe in 1944 and for its artificial harbor, the largest in the world.

Other tourist places

Granville : 72 kilometers
The Mont St Michel : 120 kilometers

To eat

Some recommendations on restaurants near the Villas.
Some for their kitchen and others for their environment or exceptional location

In Portbail-sur-mer and nearby
  • Aux 13 Arches - Port-Bail-sur-Mer - Tél. 02 33 04 87 90
  • La Ferme des Mielles - Port-Bail-sur-Mer - Tél. 09 82 42 74 93
  • Le Bac à sable Saint-Lô-d'Ourville -Port-Bail-sur-Mer - Tél. 02 33 21 05 33

  • La Marine 1 * au Michelin - Barneville-Carteret - Tél. 02 33 04 95 63
  • Le Cap - Barneville-Carteret - Tél. 02 33 53 85 89
  • Les Ormes - Barneville-Carteret - Tél. 02 33 52 23 50
  • La Potinière - Barneville-Carteret - Tél. 02 33 53 75 99
  • La Ferme des Mares - Saint-Germain-Sur-Ay - Tél. 02 33 17 01 02

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